03 Mar, 2014

More than 50 workers spend night underground in Saskatchewan mine fire

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The site’s general manager, Mike Dirham, said the fire started on a scoop tram, which is a type of underground loader. Dirham said the tram has a fire suppression system, but he says it couldn’t extinguish the flames. At that point, Dirham said the miners headed for the shelters to escape the smoke. “There is food and water and telephones in there where we can communicate with the people in each shelter. … Just over a year ago, 318 miners raced to underground refuge stations after flames broke out at Mosaic’s K2 potash mine near Esterhazy, Sask. Workers waited for three hours while crews battled the flames and then a few hours more while the smoke cleared. Another fire in September, 2012, at PotashCorp’s Rocanville mine in eastern Saskatchewan forced 20 miners to seek shelter in underground safe rooms. No one was injured in either of those fires.

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