06 Nov, 2008

Extensive renovations planned for historic Esterházy Castle

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Extensive renovations will start on Fertőd’s Esterházy Castle next year, writes, based on an MTI report. A support contract will be signed in December, according to which Ft 1.7 billion (€6.58 million) of EU funds can be spent on the first phase of the project, said Kálmán Varga, director of The National Trust of Monuments for Hungary, the body maintaining the castle.

Kálmán added this amount will be used in part to renovate a Baroque Rococo summer dining room on the castle’s first floor. The work in itself will be an attraction to tourists, who will be allowed to walk through the hall in a glass corridor.

Renovation of the outside facade will also be continued and gardening works in the inner yard completed. The roof structure of the so-called small castle will be repaired, and there are plans to establish an event center in the building.

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